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Office Machinery Equipment


Folds A4 paper to DL

Multifold Folds all paper sizes up to A3
(1/2 fold, Z fold, letter fold and double fold)

Multifold Folds A4 paper or smaller paper only
(1/2 fold, Z fold, Letter fold and double fold)
Folds up to 9600 sheets per hour. Accepts multiple sheets up to 3 stapled sheets at a time.

Folds all sizes of paper up to A3
(1/2 fold, Z fold, letter fold and double fold)
Folds up to 9000 sheets per hour

The PF220 Automatic has six fully programmable fold types. Whether you're using A4 or A3 paper you simply select the appropriate fold type by pushing a button.

The PF220 can also be set up manually for add size papers. Total counter and batch counter are also included. Output is approximately 7000 per hour.


With so many various types available, here are 5 questions you need to ask yourself to ensure you buy the correct model :-

  • What width of paper will you need to destroy - A4 size only or wider?
  • How much computer paper will you need to shred?
  • Would more than one ream of paper be shredded in a day?
  • Do you have a set budget for your paper shredder?
  • How many people will be using the shredder?

These questions should now help to narrow the process down to one or two models.


The type of questions needed to be asked are:-

  • What is the largest size document you want to laminate? (e.g. A4, A3, poster)
  • What sort of surfaces do you wish to cover? (e.g. paper, card, photos)
  • What sorts of quantities are involved?

From these questions, choose from below the appropriate series and model:-


If your mostly laminating photos, full gloss material or will be operating a laminator on a commercial basis, then you should be looking at a hot roller model, eg. NPH1200, FGK450 or a roll film model.


If you're mostly looking at an office type application and needs to laminate paper, card, photos, etc, then you should be looking to models NR901 and NR1201.

RPA & ES SERIES - Small Office / Home Office

If you have a small office, or home office application, then either the ES series or the model RPA400CL.


Laminates are available in various sizes from:

  • 54mm x 86mm 150micron (Driver Licence)
  • 426mm x 600mm 125micron (A2 Size)
  • With many other sizes in between

Please Contact Us if you would like to know more

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